‘The Chronic Problem with our Schools.’

Last month I was invited by Ignite Cardiff to speak at their July event. I was given the opportunity to give a talk about my past experience with our education system as someone with a long-term health condition, and give my opinion as a hopeful future educator. It was in front of 300+ people, and my first taste of public speaking, so as you can guess I was absolutely bricking it. Honestly, it was an incredible night and I’m so grateful I had the chance to get to speak about about something I’m so passionate about. After teaching myself my exams mostly from home and  hospital I want to make sure no other student out there who is already fighting for their health feels like they have to fight the system for an opportunity to be educated. I know that hundreds of children and teenagers are being failed by our current education system every year due to something they themselves have no control over, and this HAS to change.

I’ve included a transcript of my speech below if you can’t watch the video.

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